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Home » Articles » Marine Resarch Center
Marine Resarch Center
Name of the institute : Suganthi Devadasan Research Centre
Area of location: 44,Beach road, tuticorin-628 001
Personnel in charge of the centre: Ditty Chakhow
Main aim of the research centre: Development of value added products using under utilised marine resource.
Activities of the Centre:
This research centre is unique in its contribution to Tamil nadu. It has been a source of inspiration to many youngsters, to come up, to save our marine life from the brink of extinction. Some of the important activities are:
  • Marine and coastal conservation.
  • Coral reef monitoring and researching.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Environmental monitoring and impact assessment.
  • Sea food processing.
  • Environmental educational awareness.
Equipments of the Laboratory:
The research laboratory has been well equipped with the most outstanding equipments. Some of the equipments include:
  • Biological fibres
  • Hiblow aerators
  • Refractometer
  • Electronic balance
  • Microscopic binocular
  • Culture tanks
  • Running sea water facility for aquaculture
Capacity of the Research Centre:
The research centre has its main office in the beach road. The art of cultivating the marine forms has been located in a remote area a few kilometers away from the main office. This is a large building surrounded by the fresh sea water. It has about twelve large tanks in which  the various cephalapods are grown. These tanks are well watered and deliberate care is taken to see that the cephalapods get a goodsupply of fresh water all the time.
Largely Cultivated Marine Forms:
The marine forms largely cultivated here includes:
  • Mollucs
  • Class Pelecypoda or Bivalvia
  • Class Gastrapoda
  • Class Cephalapoda
  • Phylum Arthrapoda
  • Prawns
  • Lobsters
  • Crabs
Feed for Cephalapods:
The cephalapods are well fattened with the most nutritive feed so that they can reach good prices. The young larvae of the cephalapods grown here are provided a good feed so thst they can grow as helthier ones.
Scope of the Research Centre:
The scope of such a research centre in india has been improvising during the recent years. the government of India has been helping the centres of such types inorder to increase the income to the country through foreign exchange. The technicians here are committed to introduce new diagnostic facilities to provide more advanced methods of preserving the marine forms.
Author - Liberty Writer
Lasted updated - January 7, 2008
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